Our comments on White House OMB Federal Data Strategy

By Mirek Sopek, 7 August 2019

On July 8th the Data Coalition at the US Commerce Department hosted a public forum on White House Office of Management and Budget Federal Data Strategy. While we could not join the forum due to time and travel constrains, we have provided written comments on that important activity of the US government related to the […]

New services and new ideas for LEI.INFO

By Mirek Sopek, 4 August 2019

We indeed took a long and deep breath… After we wrote here perhaps a bit gloomy post with a rhetorical question in its title: “Dark clouds over the LEI system?” we engaged ourselves in two fundamental activities: the technical and business-oriented improvements of our portal and a deep research aimed at finding ideas for improvements […]

GLEIF publishes ontologies to keep up with semantic expression of LEI initiated by MakoLab and LEI.INFO

By Mirek Sopek, 2 August 2019

We are happy to notice that after more than 3 years of MakoLab and LEI.INFO efforts and direct suggestions to express LEI in semantically correct model, GLEIF finally decided to publish “LEI Model in RDF“. This is an important step that supports our long term conviction that semantic standards, RDF for data and OWL for […]