Our new Whitepaper is available

Our new whitepaper “A blueprint for the architecture of fully infrastructural and foundational Digital Identification systems based on the blockchained Semantic Approach” is available.

An adequate design of the architecture of the digital identification system must guarantee the fulfillment of specific conditions that enable the system to achieve foundational goals, which are critical for the system application on the global stage. The main objectives include the ability of the system to serve multiple purposes and to guarantee the identity it delivers is a public good in all areas of its applications. One of the essential aspects of the design is to ensure the fully infrastructural character of its architecture. In practice, this means that the system can be used beyond its initial application and forms an infrastructure on which diverse players can build many new applications.

The whitepaper represents our vision for the future architecture of the digital identification system and in many ways forms a blueprint for the future development of the underlying technological base of LEI.INFO system. It presents two types of requirements such a system must fulfill and its conceptual architecture. It assumes self-descriptive data, strong decentralization, and trust based on cryptographic features of the underlying Blockchain technology combined with a semantic data model for identity reference data.

The whitepaper also considers a vital role of the latest achievements in cryptographic technologies, like Zero-Knowledge Proofs, Post-Quantum Cryptography, and Quantum Blockchain in the design the future Digital Identification systems.

You can download the whitepaper here.

Author: Mirek Sopek