LEI.INFO is building a global ecosystem for the LEI initiative where multiple companies can share their services and data related to the legal entities.

Registration agent for LEI as defined by GLEIF Registration agent for LEI as defined by GLEIF
Collaboration with data suppliers to provide credit scoring information Collaboration with data suppliers to provide credit scoring information
Associations with data standardizing advocates Associations with data standardizing advocates

We believe the secret to success is collaboration. As an advocate of LEI for the GLEIF (Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation), Makolab USA (dba LEI.INFO) builds a global ecosystem for the LEI assignment, so companies can share their services and data related to their identification as legal entities.

We are proud members of the Enterprise Data Management (EDM) Council, and Data Coalition and we actively support the initiatives by both private and public sector advocates to provide public information in a standardised, open data format. We work closely with CreditSafe, a global provider of business credit information, to offer business credit checks and online credit reporting about legal entities through LEI.INFO.  To enable all corporate entities to obtain their LEI, we are a registered agent with GMEI Utility, a service of BED UV, a DTCC Company.

Intrinio (based in St. Petersburg, FLorida) is a supplier of Fintech oriented API, delivering intelligent data about companies related to their fundamentals, economic, price, and earnings information. Intrinio processes hundreds of data feeds about companies from around the globe classified into tens of categories. LEI.INFO integrated its system with Intrinio in March of 2019 and is now working on expanding the depth and width of the delivered data.
The Data Coalition advocates on behalf of the private sector and the public interest for the publication of government information as standardized, open data. LEI has become one of the pillars of the DataCoalition advocacy.
The Enterprise Data Management Council (EDM Council) is a neutral business forum founded by the financial industry to elevate the practice of data management as a mandate for efficient business operations.
XYO Network is an effort to create a vast, geospatial, blockchain-powered location network currently under development with the goal to provide accurate, certainty-driven location data on everything from cars to smartphones. By combining location beacons with IoT and mobile devices, the XYO Network ecosystem plans to deliver the verified coordinates and data needed to execute smart contracts, run smart cities, foster financial transactions, and power a legion of location-centric applications. For more information, please visit
Established by the Financial Stability Board in June 2014, the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) is tasked to support the implementation and use of the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI). The foundation is backed and overseen by the LEI Regulatory Oversight Committee, representing public authorities from around the globe. GLEIF is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland.
LEI.INFO is the LEI System Registration Agent working in partnership with Bloomberg Finance L.P., the Local Operating Unit (LOU) of the LEI System. Bloomberg Finance L.P. is a daughter company of Bloomberg L.P. which provides financial software tools and enterprise solutions such as analytics and equity trading platform, data services, and news to financial companies and organizations.

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