LEI Files

Concatenated CDF files

GLEIF publishes all LEI codes and LEI Reference Data on its website updated on a daily basis.

All the LEI codes (LEIs) and their associated LEI Reference Data (LEI-RD) are published in the form of concatenated files [1].

The files are created by the concatenation of relevant LEI issuers’ files, while the original (LEI issuers’) files are also published [2].

Currently, GLEIF publishes four types of concatenated files. For Level 1 (“who is who”), it publishes the data in both CDF v1.0 and CDF v2.0 formats (see page : Who is Who). For Level 2 (“who owns whom”), the data comes in the RR-CDF v1.1 format and in the Reporting Exceptions v1.1 format (see page : Who owns Whom).

Historical data is also available through this resource, dating back to June 8th, 2015 (accessible in those formats that were historically available).

These files are listed here: https://www.gleif.org/en/lei-data/gleif-concatenated-file/download-the-concatenated-file/

[1] https://www.gleif.org/en/lei-data/gleif-concatenated-file/about-the-concatenated-file#

[2] https://www.gleif.org/en/lei-data/gleif-concatenated-file/lei-issuers-original-sources#