A Partnership Between LEI.INFO and XYO


Transparency Validation for the Financial Industry + Relative Location Verification with Blockchain Technology = A Partnership Between LEI.INFO and XYO

XYO Network, the technology provider bringing blockchain to the real world, has partnered with our company. We run a global portal (LEI.INFO) created to deliver a consistent, resolution mechanism for the LEI system; the de-facto standard for identifying banks and companies actively involved in the financial industry. Together, we hope to improve business authentication efforts for clients.

Know Your Customer based business decisions and Client On-Boarding just became more efficient and easier. Both entities feel that this partnership will be beneficial in several ways.

The LEI code is important from a transparency perspective, in financial markets and for KYC-related business decisions in many other industry segments. Our work  with XYO adds to our ability to deliver for clients. Together, we can bring business authentication to an entirely new level.

For XYO, there are many applications for their relative location verification, and the service organizations like ours can incorporate specific XYO services, like location verification and some elements of their blockchain technology, into our business processes related to the transparency across the financial industry.

Both teams expect to see efficiency and improved client service as a result. More details are to come regarding this partnership.




Author: Cheron Hampton-Bates