LEI and other identifiers

LEI.INFO is your primary bridge between various digital identifiers

LEI.INFO as a universal bridge for identifiers

Despite the fact that LEI becomes the ultimate global identifier for companies, there are, and will always be other important identifiers. LEI.INFO is committed to the creation of the universal bridge between different identification system for companies.

We just initiated this process, and we are now providing the mapping between:

  • LEI and SWIFT BIC codes
    and between
  • LEI and SEC Central Key Index (CIK) code

LEI and SWIFT BIC mapping

The mapping between LEI and SWIFT BIC codes has been implemented according to the rules described in “LEI Mapping” page in the GLEIF website. In particular LEI.INFO uses the results of the certified process initiated between GLEIF and SWIFT which resulted in the mapping between LEI codes and BIC codes (see: Mapping files). In addition to the initial mapping, LEI.INFO implemented a regular update process of its data that follows the updates the the publish mapping files.


LEI and SEC CIK mapping

The mapping between LEI and SEC CIK (Central Index Key) codes, has been created as an experimental work by LEI.INFO and is not certified by GLEIF. The mapping has been accomplished using publicly available SEC data. We used our own physical address mapping algorithm. While we are doing our best to provide the accurate mapping. we ask you to use it caution and on your own risk. If you have more questions, please contact us.


Use of the mapped codes in LEI.INFO resolver pages and data streams

Whenever a resolver page is displayed for an LEI code, and the LEI owner has one or more BIC codes, they are displayed below the LEI code:

The user can copy the code to the clipboard by clicking on the “copy” icon following the BIC code.

Similarly, when the LEI owner is also identified by CIK code is displayed below its LEI code:

The codes form an integral part of LEI.INFO semantic data model, which represents them using triples:



Use of the BIC and CIK codes in searches

You can directly enter BIC or CIK code into the search box on our home page. If the code belongs to an LEI owner, the respective resolver page will be found and displayed following rules described above.