GLEIF publishes ontologies to keep up with semantic expression of LEI initiated by MakoLab and LEI.INFO

We are happy to notice that after more than 3 years of MakoLab and LEI.INFO efforts and direct suggestions to express LEI in semantically correct model, GLEIF finally decided to publish “LEI Model in RDF“. This is an important step that supports our long term conviction that semantic standards, RDF for data and OWL for Ontologies (vocabularies) should be the ultimate goal of anybody seriously working with data that represents digital identification information.

While GLEIF publication is so far limited only to ontologies and we still do not see the actual LEI data. We hope it will come soon.

Meanwhile, we would like to remind our readers that from its inception, LEI.INFO uses semantic formats to express LEI data.  See “Semantic Expression of LEI Data“. Our first LEI Ontology, was awarded as the second best Ontology at 9th IAOA International Conference on Formal Ontology in Information Systems (FOIS 2016).

Our current LEI Ontology, applicable to both Level 1 and Level 2 of LEI data, is available here. What is more we did not stop at RDF model. We strongly believe in the more profound evolution and the application of Blockchained semantic model for LEI, through the use of GraphChain technology. See the “LEI-Blockchained” and “GraphChain for LEI.INFO” in these context.

It is worth to stress and remind that the work published by GLEIF  was preceded by long, extensive and publicly available developments not only by MakoLab and LEI.INFO but also by Ontotext company (see: GLEI Mapping to RDF) and EDM Council in the context of FIBO Ontology.

Author: Mirek Sopek