General Terms & Conditions

  1. SCOPE
    1. These terms and conditions (“LEI.INFO Terms of Service”) concerns the use of MakoLab USA
      Inc website (the “Portal”, “LEI.INFO Portal”), products, and services. Please read LEI.INFO
      Terms of Service carefully before continuing. By accessing Portal, one agrees to be bound by
      LEI.INFO Terms of Service and by Privacy Policy.
    2. LEI.INFO Terms of Service shall apply to all entities (“Entities” or “Entity”), and to all services
      provided to them by MakoLab USA Inc relating to entity registration, applications, renewals,
      and/or management of LEIs (the “Services”” or “LEI Services”).
    3. Portal and Services are provided by MakoLab USA Inc, an enterprise incorporated under the
      law of the United States of America, with registered office at 2153 S.E. Hawthorne Road, Suite
      205, Gainesville, Florida 32641, USA and registered in the register of legal entities under
      number P1600038944 (“MakoLab”).
    1. LEI.INFO Portal offers a wide range of LEI-related Services including a new LEI registration
      process, support in finding the appropriate LEI for a legal entity, and resolving LEI codes for
      both human-readable information and machine-consumable data. LEI.INFO Portal also offers
      an array of integration services for obtaining more intricate information regarding Legal
      Entities, which can be pivotal for both KYC and customer on-boarding processes.
    2. The data regarding the Entities, made accessible in the given format (as described at, originate from the web-based resources
      made available by the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF – This
      data is updated daily and is then transformed into Semantic Web formats, as described at without changing of any of the essential
      information. The original data set for each of the Legal Entities – as it is made available by
      GLEIF – is also published.
    3. The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is a unique identification for legally independent entities. The
      objective of the LEI is to promote transparency in the financial markets and support an
      improved risk assessment within the scope of financial transactions. Therefore, Services
      including registration or renewal of LEI are not directed at individuals as such in accordance
      with the objective of the LEI. Only the legally independent entities have access authorization
      as per LEI standard ISO 17442 (such as companies, corporations of the public law and
      investment funds). Nevertheless anybody can access LEI.INFO – for the purpose of finding a
      legal entity by searching its name or LEI code.
    4. In order to use Services, it is necessary for the Entity to register its account in Portal by filling
      the form “Register an account”. As a result of the correct creation of the account, Entity may
      use the Services by completing the appropriate form, for a given type of Service, submitting
      required data and paying for the Service by credit card or other method enlisted after filling
      the form. Submitting the form is equal to concluding service agreement under the conditions
      specified in LEI.INFO Terms of Service.
    5. Entity confirms that the data submitted via each form is correct and that they have full
      authority to use Services. Persons acting on behalf of the Entity confirms that they have full
      authority to act on behalf of Entity. In case of any doubt MakoLab is entitled to ask for being
      provided with power of attorney or any other proof of authorization. If no such authorization
      is presented, MakoLab cannot proceed with the Services. If Entity fails to provide such
      documents MakoLab keeps the right to not issue any refunds. Entity is aware their contact
      details can be shared with the Local Operating Unit (LOU).
    6. Entity is aware and agrees to give all rights to MakoLab to sign the terms and conditions of
      the selected LOU on their behalf. Entity applying for new LEI gives all rights to MakoLab to
      apply for an LEI code on the Entity’s behalf. Entity applying for LEI renewal gives all rights
      MakoLab to renew an LEI on the Legal Entity’s behalf. Entity applying for LEI transfer gives all
      rights to MakoLab to transfer their LEI under MakoLab’s management. Entity applying for LEI
      transfer is aware that an LEI transfer entails/may entail a change of LOU. If Entity applying for
      LEI renewal applies to renew an LEI code with MakoLab that is not under their management,
      the LEI needs to be transferred under MakoLab’s management. The LEI can be transferred
      before renewing the LEI or during the LEI renewal process. MakoLab cannot renew an LEI code
      that is not under their management.
    7. Upon issuing the LEI registration, the registration will remain active for the period selected by
      the customer when submitting the application. This period can range from one to five years.
      An LEI that is managed by MakoLab can only be renewed 60 days before it expires. If the
      customer transfers and renews an LEI that is managed by a service provider other than
      MakoLab and the next renewal of the LEI is further than 60 days, days may be lost and no
      refunds will be issued.
    8. Entity is aware that MakoLab shall start with the LEI registration process shortly after receiving
      the payment. After starting the process no changes e.g. in data submitted in form, can be
      made and it is not possible for Entity to revoke or cancel the application. Once an LEI has been
      issued or renewed it cannot be deleted or transferred to a different legal entity. After
      commencing the registration process by MakoLab, no refunds will be issued.
    9. Each LEI code that has been issued, will be published in the Global Legal Entity Identifier
      Foundation’s (GLEIF) database.
    10. Entity acknowledges and agrees that only one single LEI may be requested per legal
      entity, and it is prohibited to request a second LEI for such legal entity at either the same LOU
      or any other LOU. If an LEI is requested for a Legal Entity that already has an LEI, the
      application fee for the second LEI is nonrefundable.
    11. In the event that Entity is issued an LEI, and that Entity is dissolved, liquidated or
      otherwise ceases to operate or exist prior the end of the LEI registration term, no fees will be
    1. Fees to order Services can be found here.
    2. The fees are subject to the statutory VAT rate. Total fees are shown to the Entity before
      submission of the application via form on via LEI.INFO Portal. The fees shall be due and
      payable in advance upon applying for Services.
    3. Payments shall be made via LEI.INFO Portal. The methods of payments via LEI.INFO Portal are:
      credit card.
    4. A digital invoice covering the fees owed for ordering Servicesshall be made available to Entity
      upon Entity’s request by e-mails.
    5. MakoLab may modify fees anytime, however Services ordered before such modification are
      charged according to the fees prior to any modification.
  4. TERM
    1. Any agreement that is governed by or is subject to these LEI.INFO Terms of Service, shall
      remain in effect until:

      1. Entity is dissolved or ceases to operate;
      2. MakoLab is dissolved or ceases to operate;
      3. Entity transfers its LEI to an entity different to MakoLab;
      4. Entity’s LEI is no longer classified as “active” as a result of Entity’s failure to comply with
        the requirements of validation or re-validation of its LEI;
      5. LEI registration expires without being renewed effectively;
      6. either party terminates the Agreement by submitting the notice of termination in
        writing to the other party with two (2) weeks’ advance.
    2. No fees shall be refunded upon termination of the agreement under provision 4.1.
    1. MakoLab’s liability for any and all claims shall be limited to general money damages and shall
      not exceed amounts paid, if any, by Entity to MakoLab for the specific corresponding Services
      involved. In the event that a jurisdiction does not allow exclusions or limitations of liability,
      MakoLab’s liability shall be limited to the greatest extent permitted by law in the subject
    2. Any materials and all other information and data obtained (by way of simple download or by
      employing web services), from LEI.INFO Portal are provided strictly “as is”. Although
      reasonable efforts have been taken to provide reliable and up-to-date materials and other
      information and data, MakoLab waives any liability, responsibility, warranty or guarantee
    3. With exception to the official websites related to the LEI System ( and, links to all other third party websites are provided for reference only. One
      must not assume that MakoLab agrees with, adopts, or acknowledges, any third party’s
      website contents. Any liability, responsibility, warranty or guarantee whatsoever according to
      all other third party websites is waived.
    4. Entity shall indemnify, hold harmless, and upon request, defend MakoLab against any and all
      claims and liabilities arising from Entity’s failure to provide correct, complete or current
      information for the purpose of performing Services and/or any breach by Entity of an
      agreement or LEI.INFO Terms of Service.
    5. Neither MakoLab nor Entity shall be liable for damage resulting from Force Majeure. MakoLab
      shall not be liable for damage resulting from Force Majeure relating to functionality of the
      LEI.INFO Portal. “Force Majeure” means any circumstance, event or cause beyond the
      reasonable control of a party that prevents performance by that party, including, without
      limitation, any Act of God, fire, flood, natural disaster, unusually severe weather, accident,
      riot, act of government, war, embargo, quarantine, epidemic, strike or labour dispute, labour
      lockout, technical failure (including any instance of network unavailability; any denial of
      access attacks; any other instance of hacking), shortage of materials or supplies, failure of
      transportation or communication, and any other similar circumstance, event or cause.
    1. Any agreement concluded according to LEI.INFO Terms of Service are subject to and shall be
      construed according to the laws of the USA.
    2. Any dispute that is not resolved or is not capable of being resolved amicably shall be
      adjudicated in, and the parties accept venue and jurisdiction of Arbitral Courts of the State of Florida.
    1. LEI.INFO Portal is covered by copyright. One must not copy, download or use in any way the
      entire website or parts thereof. One is only authorized to visit LEI.INFO Portal by way of ones
      browser or use the data exposed by its Linked Data mechanisms as described at
    2. LEI.INFO Portal provides documents and content of various kinds (“Portal Materials”) which
      are covered by copyright. The Portal Materials are either provided under a Creative Commons
      Zero License or provided with copyright restrictions as indicated on a case-by-case basis,
      which strictly govern ones use of such Portal Materials.
    3. The LEI.INFO and MakoLab USA Inc. trademark is owned by MakoLab.
    4. If any provisions of LEI.INFO Terms of Service are or become invalid, the validity of the
      remaining provisions shall remain in force and unaffected. In such a case, the parties shall
      replace any provision that becomes ineffective with a written covenant which effectiveness
      and feasibility are as close as possible to the operative and economic intentions of the invalid
      clause, to the extent permissible by applicable law. The foregoing shall also apply to any
      administrative error or unintended effect of a clause in an agreement subject to LEI.INFO
      Terms of Service.
    5. One acknowledges that MakoLab reserves the right to amend LEI.INFO Terms of Service from
      time to time at its option or pursuant to changes required by GLEIF or by law.
    6. MakoLab will handle any personal data in accordance with the “Privacy Policy” made available
      on LEI.INFO Portal.
    7. Failure by MakoLab to assert a right under LEI.INFO Terms of Service shall not be deemed as a
      waiver to exercise such right