Our mission

The mission of this service is to provide consistent, global mechanisms for making the use of LEI data both simple and effective.

We believe that both human users and software applications should essentially use the same simple method for accessing identification data. This belief culminated in the creation of the LEI Resolver concept. The resolver uses the simple idea of URIs (Unique Resource Identifiers) that are available for all valid LEI codes in the following form:


When used in a browser, such a URI returns the relevant HTML page containing all the details of the Legal Entity identified by the code (549300DTUYXVMJXZNY75 in this case). This page also contains the information that identifies the bank in all printed materials (in the form of the QR Code)

However, when used by the software, it is capable of retrieving the DATA in multiple formats. The details of the mechanism used for the resolution and all supported formats of the data are described on page X.

In addition to this fundamental feature, the LEI.INFO portal also:

  • Reveals the historical data for LEI records.
  • Provides an efficient query engine based on SPARQL.
  • Utilises the vocabulary (ontology) that defines and describes all the data elements returned in the process of resolution.

Over time, LEI.INFO will facilitate much more advanced operations, including the integration of the resolver with other sources of data about legal entities. If you want to be updated about the availability of the new features of LEI.INFO, sign up for our newsletter.


This service has been created by a team of Fintech consultants and developers from MakoLab SA (http://makolab.com). It is run and maintained by MakoLab USA Inc. (http://us.makolab.com)