It identifierstwo entities related by the reported relationship, as well as the type of relationship, dates related to the relationship and other relationship quantifiers and qualifiers.

Property Expected type Definition
The date at which the information was most recently updated by the managing LOU.
The date at which the relationship information was first collected by the managing LOU.
The next date by which the relationship information must be renewed and re-certified by the legal entity.
This property specifies a reference to a specfic document or other source used as the basis of relationship validation for this relationship record.
childLegalEntity The entity at the "start" of a directional relationship.
managingLOU The LOU that is responsible for administering this relationship record.
parentLegalEntity The entity at the "end" of a directional relationship.
registrationStatus The status of the legal entity's relationship record registration with the managing LOU.
relationshipPeriod This property assigns one set of start and end dates for a particular type of period, for example, the duration of the relationship itself, the filing or validity period of any documents demonstrating the relationship, or the accounting period they refer to.
relationshipQualifier This property specifies relationship qualifier information.
relationshipQuantifier This property specifies any additional quantitative attributes that help to categorize the relationship.
relationshipStatus This property assigns the status of the legal entities' relationship itself: ACTIVE or INACTIVE.
relationshipType This property assigns a unique code designating the specific category of a directional relationship between two legal entities.
validationDocument This property assigns a type of source document(s) used for validating the relationship.